Do you have a map of your company’s culture that accurately reveals working relationships in your organization?

Few business leaders enjoy this advantage. Most others are limited to maps of their building’s floors, processes, and organizational structure.

We offer a new level of business intelligence. Our expertise is to analyze the human topography of an organisation, mark the terrain, and to understand its identity, territories, and dynamics.

  • We support your efforts with communication and change management plans to increase the likelihood of your project’s success.

  • We listen and respond to the stakeholder voices you need to hear.
    We decipher data and translate it into concrete proposals for action.

    Capture et traductions
  • We produce customized digital and graphic outputs to make your case.

    Support digitaux
  • We help you establish momentum, take ownership, and lead the change.

    Au-delà de l'accompagnement
  • Our approach

  • Over 20 languages available for analysis


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